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About George

George is a writer and story editor, working across TV, radio and video games. George broke into writing after a friend persuaded him to submit sketches to Scottish sketch show Pulp Video. From there, he quickly went on to write, story-edit and script-edit shows across comedy, drama and children's TV. Most recently he has been story-editing and writing Theodosia, a new 26-part, live-action, family fantasy-adventure series for Cottonwood TV. In videogames, George  has worked across a range from small indie games to major licenses and triple-A projects.  He has particular skill in dealing with the challenges of peripheral-based gaming, having worked on series such as Eyepet and Buzz! plus Wonderbook: Book of Potions from JK Rowling, as well as developing new narratives for VR gaming. George’s work for corporate clients has seen him bring together the skills he acquired in his previous career as a barrister – particularly the ability to understand a brief fully and to communic

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